Tyke Petroleum - YORK Men's Tennis League

 AGM 2016

the Men's League 

Annual General Meeting

& Presentation Evening

with be on THURSDAY, 10th November   - starting 7:30pm SHARP 
at Dunnington Sports Club, Y019 5NG

AGENDA for the Meeting

Just a reminder that each CLUB (not team) represented at the meeting gets TWO votes on each voting issue  ...provided that theclub has sent two representatives  ...NO holding up both hands! 

Also, there are no proxy or postal votes; the idea being that if you're interested in your league, then you'll be able to find two people from your club to attend the meeting.  

If you can't find ANYONE at all from your club willing to participate, then please be kind enough to send your apologies in advance.

Hope everyone can make it.    


Where's YOUR Team heading?

As in any League, the division in which you'll be playing next Season is dependent on where you finish THIS Season. 

Although you can see into which Division your team will be heading next year just by looking at the number in the leftmost column of your Division Table, our Eiffel Tower-shaped league and all the mixing up of teams after each Season doesn't make it easy to see who'll be in that division with you.

But now you can just look at our league predictor page, which gives the latest picture of how all the teams will line up next year, based on their current league positions.   The page is updated regularly, with a date to check if your latest match result has been included.

Just click on ** 2017 line-up ** NEW to see where your team is heading next year.






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